Reconstructive Surgery

Give Back What Leprosy Steals

Georgina Adu is young girl of 8years from the Asunafo South district. She is second of four children. Georgina had a swelling on her right arm and within days broke into an ulcer eating the skin gradually. She was taken to two different health centers and later a traditional herbalist but no help was found. Georgina dropped out of school at class 2 because she could not write with her hand as the ulcer was getting worse. Georgina’s mum was told to go to Kukuom health center where they have been helping people with similar conditions. Her condition was confirmed as BU upon visiting, since health workers there had received training on BU management supported by ALM thanks to friends like YOU were able to give Georgina the MIRACLE of reconstructive surgery for her hand! Georgina was well cared for. After the oral treatment she needed surgical help. Again with ALM support to the district she was able to have a skin graft done. Now Georgina’s ulcer is completely healed.