Protective Shoes

Help a Leprosy Victim Walk Again

Help Biva and others WALK again. 13-year-old Biva has an ulcer on her left heel that goes right through to the bone. She can’t feel it at all because of nerve damage caused by leprosy, nor can she lift her right foot (called “foot-drop”). These special shoes are VITAL for Biva and other leprosy victims. Without them, Biva could lose her toes and feet completely if infection sets in and starts to spread. A pair of shoes can be the difference between someone being able to take care of themselves, get food, go to work and school on their own . . . or plunging even deeper into poverty! Leprosy often numbs the feet first. This nerve damage can lead to cuts, ulcers and infections, but a $15 pair of protective shoes can prevent them!